I recommit myself to this blog, this time with 20% more discipline!



things I mustn’t do before I die:

  • declare bankruptcy
  • have a serious regret
  • hold onto the last of my grudges
  • resort to eating any human bitscadillacgypsy
  • stay sad about something stupid
  • become so weak I am unable to poop alone
  • refuse laughter of any kind
  • overthink things
  • cause any harm
  • lose any body parts that I need (appendix: go head, take it)
  • appear on reality TV for any reason
  • forget to write love letters to all my great loves, platonic and romantic
  • buy a Chrysler 300 or a PT Cruiser
  • worry up till the end


I haven’t cried in a really really long time.

precisely how strange is that, I wonder.


Things I bought at Whole Foods today:

  • coconut water
  • one meatballPicture 1
  • bok choy
  • tomatoes
  • taleggio
  • white bread
  • salmon teriyaki

Things I meant to buy at Whole Foods:

  • coconut water


meats ingested recently:b77095c06a84a5e464ad07895828e00c7aff9ee9_m

  • bbq ribs
  • bbq brisket
  • more bbq ribs
  • umami burger
  • mongolian beef
  • flank steakĀ  salad
  • sopes carnitas



  • brother loves bbq
  • BBQ FEST 2009
  • brother visiting
  • in the neighborhood of Umami Burger
  • cousin wants Chinese food
  • Loteria is near the Fonda; running late to the show

But truly, it was just laziness + LA.

I’m terrible at consistency, which is strange, because I sort of enjoy routine.

I thought about consistently logging my daily plastic use, in order to keep myself honest. After reading about garbage bloggers in Mother Jones, I decided to reduce my plastic consumption as much as possible and recycle all the plastic I do use (which I did before anyway, but now with a new sense of self-righteous urgency). I cannot explain why environmental stuff gets me feeling so guilty. It just does.

If I were Bridget Jones, I’d tell you how many cigarettes I smoked today and how much weight I had (not) lost. But I am not a silly fictional twat so I will list the plastic I used.


  • three drinks straws
  • safety seal on contact lens solution
  • contact lens solution
  • bag containing fruit snacks


  • two bags, takeaway food
  • plastic cupchris-la-weekly
  • plastic windows in two envelopes
  • coffee creamer screw-on top

I would log how much money I spend every day, but then I would have to 1) track it, and 2) feel bad after seeing it in writing. Some days I spend nothing. Today I spent money on

  • two meals
  • a haircut
  • a Mother’s Day card
  • soy coffee creamer.

Let me just say this: Chris Leavins has the right idea. You make it, and you make it make $$. And do it in cyberspace so there’s no plastic involved.

Now I am going to spend another $12 watching a movie.


time is short.

trying to keep up with all manner of shit is trying.

and yet we beat on, oars against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.


  • songza
  • delicious
  • google reader
  • manage netvibes page
  • friendfeed
  • shed some tumblr accounts27b3092c3a5d845ecf5e70cc77fb152a9361e3a1_m
  • put my work online
  • create some work to put online
  • turning this blog into something useful (or just be happy with what it is)

and then the perennial:

  • reduce carbon footprint
  • reduce 5K time
  • reduce wrinkles
  • use sunscreen (related to above)
  • record all birthdays of friends and family somewhere safe
  • manage multiple email accounts effectively
  • learn to juggle

adios, guapos. it’s friday.